Lowcle was a free, secure network that allowed you to connect with your neighbours and other people in the local community.
Lowcle was created as a side project for a few reasons:

  • The missing plethora of information that was shared on Streelife, to which end there was not an alternative where by we felt the data was secure and safe.
  • It was an opportunity to advance knowledge into a range of technologies before apply those technologies to commerial applications.
  • The enjoyment of problem solving by coding solutions.
The site was built in such a way that there was a minimal maintainance overhead, the last fix was deployed in May 2017, so for the last 12 months, the site has run itself. There was never a plan to monetise Lowcle, or make revenue from it, there's nothing worse than sites selling out (along with your data), or sites that are filled with advertisements.

Lowcle has always taken data seriously, thus at sign up, you could provide a name of your choice, and the postcode provided was only used to figure out which areas were close to you, thus of interest. All data was stored in the UK and no 3rd parties were involved hence no advertisment on the site. However, with GDPR coming into play on Friday 25th May 2018, some developement would be required to Lowcle to update the privacy policy, accept new terms etc, which we no longer have the time to do as we've moved onto other exciting ventures.

Therefore, the easiest option is to close down the site and take this opportunity to thank you for being part of the project. Lowcle